Supernova Stars  
& Winding Worlds 
Fascinated with the world and the vast depths of space, but just as amused with earth and it's beautiful landscapes. I'm a curious person in general. Currently I'm working towards my PhD in Anthropology, and have a love for travel and experiencing different places as well as studying culture. So much so that I'm migrating to Canada to live with my wonderful fiance who is the world to me. I'm counting down the days, but in the meantime I love to rp and be a general fanatic of Hetalia and Sherlock. I pretty much post anything that makes me laugh on here too. Don't mind me, just enjoy my blog. :3


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I have one more follower than I thought I would have. ouo Hello despicablejenelle! o/ Thank you for following. >w< 

And of course thank you spider for following me too~ :’D 

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